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Aquatech Spiroclear

Features & Advantages


Aquatech Spiroclear is an eco friendly composition of sequestrants and natural minerals that quickly removes blanket weed, string algae and slime.


  • Completely biodegradable product with action similar to that of barley straw minus the long waiting periods.

  • No need to wait for weeks to get results, no bad odour or decaying straw to remove from the water.

  • Gives healthy, clean water by starving the blanket weed/string algae. Chelates and absorbs most pollutants of water including phosphates and nitrates, which are important for blanket weed to survive.

  • This enzyme and bacterial action helps to prevent re-infestation of the blanket weed.

  • Easy to use granules that can be simply broadcast upon the affected surface

  • Acts immediately. No toxic effects.

  • Safe to use in water with fish or any other form of aquatic life. Poses no danger to birds, invertebrates, reptiles, wild or pet animals, water plants, human and mammmals

  • No effect on biological filters or pumps. Compatible to use on all large pond surfaces/liners (synthetic or concrete).




Aquatech Spiroclear is a special formulation for lake weed control that removes slime, string algae and blanket weed in lakes or other large bodies of water. It is a favoured product of various ground keepers including those taking care of fishing lakes, stately homes, golf courses, leisure parks, angling clubs and boat docks.

  • Biological blanket weed treatment, ideal for large bodies of water

  • Same safe biodegradable action as barley straw but without the mess

  • Rapid action - No waiting weeks for results

  • Shelf life 3 years, 1 kilo treats up to 160m²

  • Available in 25kg Packs


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Spiroclear Label

Blanket Weed Remover